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Backed with experienced and certified resources – Octarine Cloud is a renowned company that specializes in providing outcome-driven cloud managed solutions. We, with our team of qualified professionals, analyze your resources to optimize your cloud investment and execute your business processes accordingly. With a massive range of services, we carry out each task that brings ease in your business management and enhances efficiency at all levels. Operations including security measures and backup assurance, we can get you covered completely. You have moved to the cloud and don’t have expertise cloud management or planning to do so – look no further than Octarine Cloud (Private) Limited as we have got your back from guidance to efficient management of Cloud.

We Ensure A Next Level Quality Standards

We cater business with their unique needs and assist them with every cloud management concerns. Providing them with qualified advice and assistance to perform cloud migration to accessing their infrastructure needs. We reinforce them with much better business agility by providing multiple levels of management facilities. With consistent application performance, we accelerate business performance. Our services are affordable and risk-free.

  • Cloud Management
  • Maintenance & Support

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Expect More From Us

We at Octarine Cloud can assist you in controlling your cloud cost. We let you manage your workload, analyze the aggregated per-device costs for cash back, optimize the public cloud to enhance customer support, and provide you with an improvised comparison about the different cloud cost for existing applications. Apart from this, we perform multi-cloud operations. We let you automate operations and assist in reducing manual work for greater efficiency.

A Peek To Our Brilliance

  • Hybrid Management Expertise

We split the workload among virtual and physical environment, enabling the finest cost with outbound performance benefits to grow your business.

  • Robust Security

We employ techniques that ensure highly secured services to our customers while making sure that the data remained protected and accessible all the time.

  • SLAs

With around the clock available team of experts, we assist every query and concerns while delivering an exceptional SLA based

  • Customizable Services

We tailor our services in accordance with your business goals and needs. Making sure our service features meet your parameters, we provide highly customizable services.

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